Thatching 15 degrees south.

The Irish artist Caoimhghin Ó Fraithile (Quee-veen O Fra-ha-la) makes sculptures and drawings all over the globe—in Asia, Europe, and America. A reticent, monk-like personality, he maintains his peripatetic lifestyle by taking on residencies in different parts of the world.

Despite his wanderings and the temporary nature and sometime remote locations of his large-scale work, a geographically diverse  group of critics is bringing his wooden structures and exquisite drawings to the attention of the international art world.

Jonathan Goodman, 2011

'Awake-A Fathers Wake,' 2012 'Awake-A Fathers Wake,' 2012 Long House, Utica Railway Station, NY State. 2004 echigo-5 Tochar, {Causeway} 'Fasac2014-detail.jpg' 'The Cloud that Cries' Drawing 2010