I am interested in evoking a sense of mystery in my practice. I do this in a few different ways. From creating large scale site specific instillations where the community is involved to making drawings that are made up of multiple images of Islands and boats, (some on fire) floating in an imaginary sea. These drawings originate in my sketch book and in the memory of the land I come from.


Please either select the Drawings to look at some of my drawings, or Art Projects for my site specific instillations.

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Goo Shin, {Renew Self} 2003 ong House, Utica Railway Station, NY State. 2004 Rag Towers, Washington State 2003 Tig Donal Rua. {Red Donal's house}. Tig Donal Rua. {Red Donal's house}. 'Sweenies Retreat2013.jpg' Fifteen degrees South Drawing 2007