- Up-coming shows.

- Public Art Project, Boston,-2016, in conjunction with ‘Medicine Wheel Productions’.

- ‘South of Hy-Brazil’, Solo Exhibition, ‘Irish Arts Center’, New York, Fall, 2015.

- Niigata Soil and Water Art Triennial, Niigata, Japan, summer 2015.

   Supported by ‘Culture Ireland’. 

- Past Exhibitions.

- ‘Fasu’,(Desert), Solo exhibition in conjunction with Stephan Stoyanov gallery, New York, spring 2015,

   Supported by ‘Culture Ireland’.

- Tigh Donal Rua, (Red Donal’s House), Coum na Lochaig, An Daingean, Ireland, (ongoing project) 2014.

- ’16 x 10′, ‘Awake, A Father’s Wake, Niigata Land and Water festival, Japan, July-December 2012-2013.

- ‘Ritualizing Place’, Solo Exhibition, Museum of Art and Archeology, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri,

   February 29th-May 13th 2012.

- ‘Four Times Ten’, Nassau Project Space, New York, November-December 2011.


    (Sponsored by ‘Imagine Ireland’)

‘Two Times Ten’, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, (Solo Show) New York, April 17th-May 15th, 2011.

‘Three times Ten’, Maiden Lane, Lower Manhattan, New York, March, 2010-June 2011.

- ‘Fifteen Degrees South’, Water-Soil Exhibition, Niigata City, Japan, July-December, 2009.

Group Show, BravinLee programs, New York, June, 2009.

Group Show, Black and White Gallery, New York, June, 2009.

‘Aireaglán’, (Little Hermitage), An Daingean, Ireland, September, 2008.

- Drawing Show, Changdong Art Studios, Seoul, Korea, March, 2007.

Text formed Drawing, University of Connecticut, Storrs. CT, November 2006.

‘South, South Facing’, Belltable Arts Center, Limerick, Ireland, October, 2006.

- ‘The Cloud that Cries’, The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan, Summer, 2006.

Drawing Show, Siamsa Tire, Trá-lí, Ireland, September, 2006.

Open Studio, Wall Drawings, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY, April 2006.

‘Fású’, (Unoccupied), Feile na Bealtine, An Deangain, Ireland, May, 2006.

- ‘Tóchar’, (Causeway), Burnham, Dingle, Co kerry, Ireland, September, 2005.

EV+A, ‘Sight/Site’, wall drawing, Limerick, Ireland, March, 2005.

‘Rag Tower’, Hua Shan Cultural Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, October, 2004.

‘Wait-Weight’, Wall Drawing, Nangjing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, September, 2004.

‘Spirit House’, Art Omi, New York State, July, 2004.

‘Long House’, Union Station, Utica, New York State, April 2004.

‘Burning Lake Structures’, Gealteacht Arts, Donegal, Ireland, November, 2003.

‘River Fires’, Vermont Studio Centre, Vermont, October, 2003.

- ‘International Aboriginal Driftwood Symposium’, Taiwan, August, 2003.

‘Burning Wicker Boats’, Baile Moir, An Daingain, Co Kerry, Ireland, June, 2003.

‘Inion Buí’, (Yellow Daughter) Solo Exhibit, Convent Chapel, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland, May, 2003.

‘Spirit Houses’, Cuas na Bhodaigh, Co Kerry, Ireland, August, 2002,

- ‘Pilgrimage’, Walking Art Project, Dingle, Co Kerry, May, 2002.

- ‘Fásac’, (desert), Solo Exhibit, Siamse Tíre, Tra-lí, Co Kerry, Ireland, April, 2002.

‘Fásu’, (Unoccupied), Connamara Art Foundation, Dallas, Texas, March, 2002.

‘Chambers’, Centrum Arts, Port Townsend, Washington, February, 2002.

‘Water Houses’, Art Symposium, Art centre of Kingdom Falls, Maine, July, 2001.

‘Fada Dán’, with Michael Shaughnessy, Michigan State University, 2001.

‘Tobar Suibhne’, Institute of Celtic Culture, Dingle, Ireland, May, 2001,

- ‘Rag Tag’, Columbia, Missouri, November’ 2000.

- ‘An Cosán Glás’, Earigal Arts Festival, Falcarragh, Donegal, Ireland, July, 2000.

- ‘In the Wake of My Father’, Solo Exhibition, University of Missouri, May, 2000.

21th Annual Paper in Particuliar, National Exhibition, Columbia, MO, March, 2000.

‘Wren Parade’, Public Arts Project, University of Missouri, November, 1999.

– ‘Lar Crios / Fada Dán’, with Michael Shaughnessy, University of Missouri, 1999.

Fiber Focus 99, Art St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, March, 1999.

Group Exhibition, Brady Gallery, University of Missouri, November, 1998,

- Annual Graduate Exhibition, University on Missouri, January 1999,1998 and 1997.

Boone County Bank Exhibition, Columbia, MO, September 2000, 1998 and 1997.

Mount Shannon Sculpture Trail, Co Clare, Ireland, August, 1998.

- Surface, Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, March, 1998.

Airaglan, {Little Hermitage} Goo Shin, {Renew Self} 2003 'Awake-A Fathers Wake,' 2012 fasac, {Unoccupied} 'Fasu2014.jpg' Tochar, {Causeway} Tochar, {Causeway} Desert's Edge2014-detail.jpg'