New Work in Niigata, Japan as part of the Niigata City Soil and Water Art Triennial, 2015

I will return to the Niigata to work with the community of Fukui to create a new piece of work in a rural setting. This is part of an ongoing project that was started in 2009 when we created our first project in the village environs, in 2012 we created the second large piece on work there. All of these pieces are designed with ‘Baudo’ performance in mind, it is my long term vision to create a series of visually reflective spaces that can act as stand alone artworks as well as platforms for performance and community events.

I am grateful to Niigata City Soil and Water Art Triennial and the community of Fukui and to Culture Ireland who are supported this event.

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Airaglan, {Little Hermitage} 'Awake-A Fathers Wake,' 2012 Fasu, {Unoccupied} 'The Cloud that Cries' Tochar, {Causeway} Fifteen degrees South Drawing 2010 Drawing 2008