New Work planned as part of the Niigata Soil and Water Art Triennial, Japan 2015

As part of the Niigata Soil and Water Art Triennial I will create another envoiromental instillation in the village of Fukui

where I have been working with the community since 2009. This is a unique opportunity as over the years we have

collaborated in developing a series of structures informed by traditional Shinto percepts and the desire to make work that

inspires future environmentals.

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lmcc-a-2006-copy Fasu, {Unoccupied} 'The Cloud that Cries' Tochar, {Causeway} Spirit Houses (cuas na Bhodaig) 2003 Tig Donal Rua. {Red Donal's house}. 15-d-south-front-fire Silver point wall drawing.